Online Course on Art of Cross Examination by Zia Judicials Legal Research Cell [June 27-28]: Register by June 26

About the Organisation

Zia Judicials was founded due to the sub-standards of education provided by the existing institutes at very high prices. Zia Judicials is located in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi and is the fastest-growing judicial institute among Judicial Services Coaching Institute in India.

Zia Judicials was started with the aim to provide Judicial coaching to those who cannot afford to enroll in expensive institutions. Money can’t buy education and hence the money cannot be the reason for hindrance to education. Merely giving judicial coaching does not serve the real purpose behind the idea of Zia Judicials.

About the Course

Zia Judicials Legal Research Cell is organising a Two Days Online Course on Art of Cross Examination.

In India where a large number of complaints and cases are led in civil and criminal courts every day, delay in justice is common as the pendency of cases in courts is also growing rapidly. Examination of witnesses plays an important role in the presentation of the evidence in a court of law irrespective of the civil or criminal case and admissibility of evidence is also an important aspect which has to be decided by the judges only.

Due to which each case will be looked upon clearly and it will take a long time to pass the judgment by the court. The examination of witnesses can be classified into three types as defined under ‘Sec: 137’of ‘Indian Evidence Act, 1872’. The art of Cross-Examination plays an important role in the trial of each case which involves hard work and talent of lawyers while providing justice to their clients.

The present workshop aims to make aware of the details of cross-examination on both subjective and practical perspective so that you easily master the process.

Session 1: To make you aware of all legal provisions that are required to be read by an advocate before going for examination in court.

Session 2: This session aims to provide participants understanding of court proceeding by giving insight od questioners and manner how witnesses are to be cross-examined in court in a concrete manner.

Session 3: Aim of this session will be to make participants aware of the mistakes that new advocates do while during cross-examination and what are the consequences of such mistakes.

Session 4: Recording of examination or cross-examination is very important and every lawyer must know the insight of it so that whenever he has the copy of such examination he can find in a glance the patent defects of such records as it can help him in cross or contradiction or in any other way

Name of the Speakers

  • Advocate Sanjay Vashishtha
  • Advocate Kapil Sankhla
  • Advocate Meghna Sankhla
  • Advocate Zia Ansari, Founder of Zia Judicials

Registration Details


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Fee: Rs. 900/-

Note: The organisation will be providing you the zoom meeting details one day prior to the starting of the course.

Deadline: 26th June 2020

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E-mail ID: ziajudicialslrc[at]

Phone Numbers: +91 – 81303 74873, 80058 21541, 95400 94873, 011-42148003

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