Legalify India – Discussion Forum About Media Trial – Register before 11th October

Legalify India is an organization that has been started with its cardinal motive to help Law students and the public ranging from diverse backgrounds to enhance their legal knowledge and help them to know their rights and duties so that they can make a decisive viewpoint towards society and the governing law.Visit us at

“Discussion Forum About Media Trial” on 11th October 2020, from 12-2 pm

About The Event
Guidelines of the Discussion forum:
1. Time limit per speaker-
     Max- 5 min
      Min- 1 min
2. Mandatory for all the participants to keep their video and audio on while speaking.
3. Participants should refrain them from referring to any material while speaking otherwise there would be negative marketing.
4. The participants and audience will avail the opportunity to counter-question the speaker, once all the speakers have spoken.
5. The participants are supposed to choose any one of the sub-themes provided under the brochure.
Moderator- Ms. Khushi Pandey (Managing Supervisor Legal Mapping Bharat and Public Policy Manager at Frank Creation)

Registration link for the above event –

There would be 3 prizes:
• Best Speaker
• Best Counterperson
• Best Researcher

No Registration fee

E-certificates will be provided